The Smell of Childhood

Von Erik Meltzer <ermel@modellbahnfrokler.de>

'T isn't much to ask for, is it,
from me to capture Christmas spirit
in foreign tongue I do love dearly
but which I have to fight sincerely?

Well, so then be it. Everyone
remember: model trains are fun!
Go to your cellar or your dealer
and find as follows – older's dearer:
an engine that will run all night,
a couple wagons lighted bright,
of track a circle with a metre
or above of diameter,
and a transformer matching either.

Then, ignore the family's doubts
when flora's brought into your house:
the abies alba, Christmas Tree,
will brighten up our scenery.

Affixed the tree is in its holder,
decorated and admired;
now let's get a little bolder
and do what by now has transpired:

Run that train around the tree!
Just like back in '63
when your first Märklin did the same,
enjoy the look! Enjoy the game!
Enjoy the smells of fir and glue,
of oil and candles just gone out,
of smold'ring wires and roasted goose
all mingling in one great big cloud!

This is the smell of childhood, friends!
And may your childhoods never end,
for children really know what's fun.
And merry Christmas, everyone!


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